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The social planning app that combines events, group chats and calendar sharing to make organising plans simple. Automatically find a date that works, coordinate calendars and organise plans with friends in seconds 🎈 🥳 Easily organise plans IRL or virtually – group catch-up call, dinner party or holiday 💥 Make events in seconds, and fill in the details as they’re decided 🧠 Instantly find a date that works for everyone, automatically 💬 Every plan has its own built-in chat 📫 Invite anyone instantly if they have the app or not 🔒 Share calendars with friends and easily control what they see 📅 Every plan syncs straight to your calendar ...... Named as “One to watch in 2020” by The PHA Group and featured by Fabulous, Verdict, Sifted and UK Tech News ...... Finally, an app that makes organising plans and your social life easy, quick and enjoyable. No more endless new group chats for every event, manually finding a date that works or using five different apps to organise a plan. ZYNG brings together your calendar, group chats and events in one. One app to organise your dinners / lunches / brunches, holidays, birthday parties, weekend trips, after work drinks, private events, group meet ups, date nights, restaurant outings, gigs, comedy nights, gaming sessions, coffee catch-ups and book clubs, to name a few! ...... Make plans easily • Organise events in seconds - no more annoying new WhatsApp group chats, outdated Facebook events or organising plans across multiple apps • All the event details together and every plan has its own chat • All your plans sync directly with your calendar, automatically • Even better, you don’t need to wait for everyone to be on ZYNG: invite them instantly with a link • Get quick RSVPs and easily keep up-to-date with who can come and who can’t Automatically find dates that work • ZYNG can instantly show you all the dates that work for your group. No more Doodle polls, manually checking your availability, calendars or schedules or saying “Sorry, busy then. How about...” • ZYNG checks your existing calendars to automatically find when works. Organising brunch? ZYNG will find the next time you’re all free on a Saturday between 11am and 1pm. Sorted. Share calendars • Share your social or work calendars with your friends so you can put plans (like ‘night out’) or reminders (like ‘Glastonbury ticket deadline’) straight in their calendar • Merge your existing calendars into ZYNG - no need to start from scratch ...... | @Zyng_app | All your data is secure with us. We’re fully GDPR compliant and don’t share any data with third parties. Any comments, feedback or suggestions? Email us at
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